Carrie Guzanick

"Small efforts on your mat can lead to big changes off the mat."

Carrie Guzanick is living her dream. She has combined her devout passion for yoga with a background in business and real estate to open Bikram Yoga Central Miami. Enriched by the gifts given to her along her journey, she is thankful for inspiration from her father, compassion from her mother, love from her fellow teachers and sister, motivation from her partner, and support from her friends and the community.

For Carrie, yoga is a way of life, and what you do on your yoga mat, and how you do it, says a lot about how you choose to live your life. She takes her practice and her teaching very seriously.

Her interest in Bikram Yoga started in 2005, and after a few years of a consistent daily practice, she decided to go to teacher training, and that changed her life forever. Carrie upholds the words of Emmy Cleaves, that anyone who is serious about changing his or her body and their life through yoga should incorporate "frequency, intensity, and precision" into their practice. In fact, Carrie was able to heal a bulging disc in her cervical spine through steady yoga.

Carrie is a Pittsburgh native who grew up in Wisconsin and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and Women's Studies from the University of Wisconsin. She now lives and works in Miami.

Viviana Villagra

"Yoga can be a great microcosm to bring community together."

Vivi has been committed to physical and spiritual practice since 2004. Her expertise is rooted in the Martial Arts discipline of which she carries a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo. Vivi has developed a uniquely keen sense of the mind/body connection cultivated by extensive fitness and wellness training that includes Thai boxing, mixed martial arts, and yoga.

Her first yoga experience was Ashtanga, a style she was attracted to by it's spiritual aspects. Although she found the practice physically painful at times, she stuck it out and soon understood what the postures could accomplish.

She also discovered that yoga could positively impact her martial arts practice. It was Carrie who introduced Vivi to Bikram Yoga. Within a short while, Vivi completed a 30-day challenge.

Vivi has a great understanding and respect for Bikram Yoga and believes that it can enhance any physical, mental or spiritual activity. Vivi also has a huge heart and kind smile, and is happy to help, guide you in the right direction, and answer any questions.

Vivi was born in Santiago, Chile and has been living in the United States since 1998.

Vivi and Carrie both have passion for community and envision the studio as a strong and united place with purpose. In this space, they want members to meet over tea or juice, learn about new health and wellness practices, share other hobbies and interests, and make new friends. They are personally involved in numerous non-profit organizations and are getting the studio involved in fundraisers, events, and more. Besides building a business, they hope to build a new community in a space where there are no limitations.

Dreams become reality at Bikram Yoga Central Miami!


5084 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 101-A
Miami, FL 33137

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