Carrie Guzanick

Carrie has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2008. From the first time she took class she fell in love with the practice. Through the practice she is able to connect with herself on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level and takes this connection that she creates within herself to inspire her students to have access to that same experience.

Carrie believes that in order to give something away you have to have it with yourself which is why she stays committed to her own personal practice no matter how much she is teaching. Her teaching style is energetic and uplifting and she has a soothing voice that will relax your mind and guide you through the 90-minute moving mediation.

Julie Kammerer

Julie is originally from Severna Park, Maryland. She began practicing Bikram yoga in Fall 2007 to heal a spinal injury from a car accident. After completing her first 30 day challenge, her back felt great along with many other improvements. In Fall 2008, she took a semester off college and flew to Acapulco for Teacher Training. For 3 1/2 years she primarily taught in Severna Park, Annapolis and Crofton. Julie also attended University of Maryland and graduated in December 2011. In 2012, Julie escaped cold weather and moved to Miami. Becoming a Bikram Yoga Instructor is one of the best decisions she has ever made. She strives to bring love, compassion, energy and helpful knowledge to every class. She is enjoying her new chapter in Miami while living on the beach, riding her bike, exploring new things and of course teaching and practicing a lot of yoga!

Sheila Sager

Sheila began her Bikram Yoga practice June 2009 to rehabilitate her knee after having surgery. Within the first few weeks she noticed changes in her body. Not only was she gaining full range of motion in her knee, but also greater balance and strength. After a few months of Bikram yoga she has all range of motion restored in her knee and the best thing was that she was using her own body as the tool for transformation. Sheila has been an athlete all her life and has taken other types of yoga classes in the past but nothing she ever did compared to Bikram Yoga. Looking at herself in the mirror, seeing her body do the poses and sweating profusely she was immediately in love with the extreme challenge of this class. This was it! She had found her calling. She had to share this with everyone. She always knew deep in her heart that her purpose in life was to help people heal themselves. She went to Teacher Training Spring 2010 and it was the best thing she ever did. She felt that everything in her life so far had led her to it. Upon graduation she began teaching at Bikram Yoga College of India, Oakland. Shortly after she began teaching at Funky Door Yoga Polk Street becoming a full time teacher and also lead the Advanced class regularly She is passionate about teaching and practicing Bikram Yoga and is a person whose endeavors are strongly rooted in proper education and improvement in a person's mind, body and spirit. Watching people heal their bodies, change and discover new things about themselves every day is true fulfillment. Every day is a new experience. It's been a very challenging journey so far and it just keeps getting better and better. Sheila loves her yoga life!

Danielle Schubert

Coming from New Jersey, Danielle is a new Miami resident. She graduated from Seton Hall University in 2001 with a B.S. in Finance. She took her first Bikram class in 2003 and was immediately attracted to the heat, the sweat, the challenges and the effects of Bikram Yoga. At first Bikram was a complement to her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. It helped her focus, her balance and also helped her cut weight for competition. After winning first place in the blue belt division at the Pan-American games, she realized that she was getting more benefit from the yoga than the jiu-jitsu and became a full-time yoga practitioner. Danielle felt the yoga was simply improving her life and allowing her to be a happier person. In March 2004, Danielle took a break from the corporate world and flew to Los Angeles to spend 9 weeks with Bikram Choudhruy to become a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor. With a beautiful and strong practice, Danielle was chosen to be a part of the Bikram demonstration held for her graduation ceremony. Danielle has transformed her life with this yoga and loves to see both the mental and physical transformations in her students.

Francesca Petreca

Francesca was born in Napoli, Italia and moved to the US in 2000. She began her Bikram practice in May 2009 to improve her flexibility while riding jumpers and race horses. After a severe injury she turned to Bikram for rehabilitation. She started seeing great improvement in her flexibility, patience and mental well-being. She decided to put all of her attention on becoming a Bikram Yoga Instructor in hopes of helping others. She is very passionate and has a lot of energy and desire to spread this beautiful practice. She is grateful to be a part of BYCM to learn, grow and inspire students. She hopes her students will gain the magical results Bikram Yoga gave to her.

Chelsea Rivera

Chelsea Rivera has practiced yoga for as long as she can remember, always excited to try a new variation on the ancient practice. While living in New York for a summer, she heard a lot of buzz about Bikram yoga, so she decided to try it out once she was back in Miami. After the first class she was hooked and knew almost instantly that she wanted to become a teacher. She'd always been an athlete, having run three half-marathons and one full marathon, but the combination of the meditative nature and the rigorous workout of Bikram yoga really clicked with her. It was the only activity that calmed her busy mind while also nurturing all parts of her body.
After graduating from the University of Miami, Chelsea decided that the next best step in her life was to become a yoga teacher. She attended Bikram Teacher Training 2012 in Los Angeles a short time after graduation and began teaching at her home studio in Miami, Florida. After teaching in Miami, she moved to Perth for three months to teach. She worked in two studios there and learned a ton from their very close-knit yoga community. She's now living in Miami where she hopes to continue sharing the Bikram practice. Chelsea was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but has called Miami home for the past five years. She has lived in many other places in the world, including France, Manhattan, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and most recently Perth. She is more than excited settle into Miami for now and become part of the Bikram Yoga Central Miami family.

Raquel Pelayo

Raquel took her first Bikram yoga class at the age of 19 and immediately fell in love with the practice. She was pursuing her bachelors at the time and noticed how the daily class transcended into her everyday life. She became more focused in school, relaxed about exams, and a new sense of calm had taken over. Her mind stopped for 90 minutes and she lived in the moment. During her senior year, she realized her devotion to yoga was her passion and wanted to share this inner magic with others. A month after graduating in 2006, she attended teacher training in LA to become a certified instructor and has been teaching ever since. Her love for the practice continues to grow while fulfilling a deep need to serve and connect with others.

Maria Laciste

Maria yearned for some vitamin D, so she decided to take her talents to South Beach. Having moved from Seattle, Maria realized that she found happiness with yoga and the wonderful weather South Florida has to offer. In her past life she worked in a high stressed corporate environment. She discovered that Bikram Yoga helped provided a sense of calmness and relaxation that she never had before. Suddenly she found herself scheduling her life around yoga. Her teachers noticed her dedication to the yoga and encouraged her to become a certified teacher. She went to teacher training in Las Vegas in 2009. Now Maria enjoys teaching and sharing her love of yoga.


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